Siridharma / Joost van Dijk

I started my career in the Netherlands as manager of the International 3HO Kundalini Yoga Center in Amsterdam and Sales manager of Yogi Tea for the Benelux. In 2003 I started my own yoga organization, opened a yoga studio in the center of Amsterdam, and began organizing international certified teacher training programs. I became the chairman of the National Teachers Association and made an important contribution to the development of a fast growing growing yoga community. In pursuit of my vision: “to integrate yoga in modern society” and bring it to the “non-believer”, I was the first to teach yoga in sport schools and offer study programs for universities.

I specialized in Yoga Therapy and Yoga Coaching to focus more on personal training and development. In 2006, after years of research and preparation, I founded: Business Yoga Nederland, leading innovative projects for companies and organisations, creating training programs for professionals, and sharing my vision. Five years ago I moved to Ibiza where I founded Kundalini Pioneers, a yoga resort that offers many trainings, retreats and other projects such as Ibiza Startup. My love for the outdoors and my entrepreneurial qualities propelled me into becoming general manager of Rockid Ibiza Outdoor: Leader in outdoor activities on Ibiza.


As CEO of Business Yoga Nederland I was invited by the Ministry of Health, Wellbeing and Sports to participate in a national assessment program based on the quality, effectiveness and preconditions of my intervention. In 2013 Business Yoga was officially included in the Dutch Intervention Database for Healthy and Active Living. This program was supported by the following organisations: NISB (Dutch Institute for Sports en Movement), MOVISIE (Knowledge and Consultancy for Global Development). In addition I was offered the opportunity to research and examine the theoretical foundation of my intervention, in collaboration with TNO (Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientific Research).


“Siridharma is a leader, a teacher, and a spiritual entrepreneur, with a passion for people and planet.”

Expert in Personal development and educating health and wellbeing to private clients and professionals. Leading many innovative projects and specialised training programs since 25 years.

Ibiza / Amsterdam

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