Business Yoga offers a professional and integrated approach to improve and sustain health and productivity.

An intensive training where you learn effective business yoga exercises, techniques and guidelines easy to integrate into your professional and private life. Supplemented with theory, tips and guidelines for stress prevention, conscious lifestyle and better health at work.

Stand still for a moment and look at what is needed at this time in your life. Identify what changes you would like to make in your life, and find out how to do it. A personal coach can guide you, help you get clear, overcome obstacles, keep up, and stay on track with where you want to go.

An integrated approach focused on health and wellbeing of employees, improving the quality of work processes, methods, and employee management. A unique business development program integrating accountability, awareness and agility.


Inspiration and relaxation for your company.
Experience a wonderful day with your colleagues. High-quality workshops and fully catered events including reception, seminar, lunch and dinner. Offered at a special location that radiates tranquility and attention to detail.

A workshop can focus on a specific subject or theme, an accessible approach, connecting to what is going on in the group or company. Or just a nice time off from work with background and theory on different health and awareness related topics.


Your employees are happy and productive.
Improve team performance and resistance to change.
Your investment is a health insurance.


Business Yoga can take place at a meeting or conference room. Business Yoga exercises are practised in your normal work clothes while sitting in a chair. No previous yoga experience is required, so everyone can participate.

Our Approach

Integration and application of yogic technology into modern society.



Through daily practice, personal guidance, and theoretical support, you can learn to apply your inner technology to work on yourself and to make the necessary changes in your life.


Your Life

Stand still for a moment. Identify what changes you would like to make in your life, what areas in your life need extra attention, and find out how to do it.


Your Purpose

What are your dreams, what is your vision, what are your deepest values? Tap into your creative potential,  and take the actions needed that lead you to your goal.



Expert in Personal development and educating health and wellbeing to private clients and professionals. Leading innovative projects and specialised training programs since 20 years.

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